Bacteria Our Bowel Buddies

Jan 20, 2016

When we are born there are no bacteria in our digestive tract. Up to this point nourishment has been delivered via umbilical cord. We’ve been using the nutrients, provided by our mothers’ blood, to build cells into an actual baby.

Once we are outside the womb we begin to use the digestive tract to access the necessary nutrients. However, there is one little problem. We have no way to absorb those nutrients, because the colonies of bacteria we need aren’t set up yet. They still need to move in and multiply. Luckily, it doesn’t take long, even without breast feeding (an excellent source of good bacteria) in a few days baby has a nice little colony of these bowel buddies imbedded in the biofilm that lines all of the organs of the digestive tract - and the super pooping begins -.

Good bacteria are the gate keepers, the front line defense of the digestive tract. They perform a major immune function, not allowing undesirables into the body such as bugs, viruses and parasites. Good bacteria are everywhere in the world, but are provided to us primarily through fermented foods.

If you load up on the sauerkraut, or the pickled artichokes, or yogurt, or even a glass of wine (as long as it’s just one), you are consuming an excellent source of bowel buddies .



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