Colon Hydrotherapy

April 8th, 2016

Colonics perform 3 major roles; exercising and cleaning the colon, and hydrating the body.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonics is the gentle introduction of water into the bowel triggering the client to poop, over and over again.  Effectively making you poo more than you ever have before. It is a marathon pooing session. Colonics perform 3 major roles;exercising and cleaning the colon, and hydrating the body.



The colons’ main functions are to re-absorb nutrients and water into our bodies and eliminate toxic waste. Our bowel movements are what make this happen, but when the machine isn’t a well-oiled one, we can face some serious problems including the slowing of the bowel. When the bowel gets impacted we begin to experience problems like haemorrhoids, constipation, or more serious things like colon cancer. There are dozens of complications and conditions that can arise from the presence of a movement challenged colon.

In fact bowel dysfunction is very common these days due to the poor nature of the Western diet, our sedentary life style and our egregious stress management skills. When you tack on tea, coffee, alcohol, and a lack of water to that – it’s not looking good.

Perhaps we have decided to change our ways, but we still have a sad immobile bowel that doesn’t have a clue when to poo. This is where colon hydrotherapy comes in. Having colon hydrotherapy is like taking the colon to the gym. It is a work out for the colon. The colon performs a muscular behaviour called peristalsis, when the muscle loses its’ tone its’ out of shape. Colonics are the introduction of water into the bowel to trigger the behaviour of the bowel. It’s like putting the colon on a treadmill, improving the function of the bowel.



Colonics are an important part of detoxification. It’s not just the food we eat that creates toxins in the body, it is also pharmaceutical products, the air we breathe, and even the products we use. All of these things go through our bodies and can create toxemia.  

Toxins in the bio-film of the bowel create more than just problems in the bowels. They can cause a whole host of diseases, conditions and even death. Intestinal toxicity is a profound and common problem in Western Society. When the toxins in your body have built up to such a point that you are demonstrating signs of dysfunction, then we don’t want to wait for good bacteria to do its job. Colon Hydrotherapy will cleanse the old, and the triggering of the behaviour of the colon will cause any hard old bio-film to be broken up and eliminated, making room for fresh healthy colonies of bacteria.

 If you are eating poorly, stressed out, not sleeping or exercising and not drinking enough water, a cleanse will benefit you greatly by helping you clear out toxicity from your body.  Good bacteria are built up through proper lifestyle choices, healthy eating and regiments, but sometimes we have to clear out the remnants of poor decisions of our past to restore our intestinal health. It is true that healthy eating and lifestyle will help your body naturally clear itself of chemicals, toxins and harmful bacteria, but it takes time to do this, and unless you are eating live perfectly every day all day and have been doing so for the past several years, then you will benefit greatly from a gentle and safe colon cleanse.


When the small intestine drops the chyme into the colon, the colon grabs this thick liquid and using peristalsis extracts the water. The water gets carried to the liver where it gets cleaned and is used to hydrate the body. Colon Hydrotherapy introduces super filtered water into the colon and triggers peristalsis, effectively causing some of that pure water to flush up to the liver. Hydrating the body and giving the liver a nice bath.



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