Fats, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Feb 8, 2016

Every cell in our body has a membrane that is made with fat. Mothers’ milk has a higher percentage of fat than protein. Earlier we talked about fat being an essential macronutrient; however, it also performs a really important function during elimination.

Fat lubes the tube, helping the poop slide through the colon easily and pinch off without leaving a sticky mess on the rectum.

If there is no fat in the diet or poor fat in the diet the bowel movement can feel like it’s scraping along the walls of the colon as it leaves the rectum. If there is too much fat our poop can end up looking like the blob.

So why has it got such a bad rep? Because, like most things in our lives, fat comes in different guises. We must learn to read through those guises so we can discern the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good.

These are poly and mono unsaturated fats, often referred to as Omega-3-6-9. Liquid at room temperature, these fats make cells that are more liquid thus creating a physical body that is more flexible and more responsive. A liquid fat means a liquid you.

Foods that are loaded with these fats are primarily the plant based foods like olives, nuts, seeds, grains, etc. however, fish is also loaded with the Good fats with Salmon and herring vying for supremacy.

The Bad.

These are saturated fats. Hard at room temperature, these fats make your cells hard. Thus, your physical body is harder, and less responsive. Additionally, metabolizing saturated fats produces LDL cholesterol which makes your arteries hard. The harder the fat the harder you are. (and not the good hard). The gristle on a steak is a good example of hard saturated fat.


These are trans-fats. They do not occur in nature, but are rather the result of processing. Taking those nice liquid fats and heating them so high that the molecular structure of the fat becomes abnormal. Don't kid yourself labelling laws require a list of ingredients, nice mono or poly unsaturated fats may go in, but if it was deep-fried it is still loaded with trans-fat even if the label says 0% trans-fat. Most potato chips are an example of this phenomenon. Read the label and it will say trans-fat free, but test the chip and it will be loaded with trans-fat.

So, it is your choice. Good, Bad or Ugly it will directly affect the kind of body you create and the kind of poo you make.



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