Our Feelings are Tuned to Our Poo

Feb 19th, 2016

When we have a perfect poo we feel, energetic, finished, clean. When we don’t we don’t.

When we feel badly after a poo, it is because we had a crappy crap. If we feel good it is because we had a perfect poo.  

Have you ever had a perfect Poo? One of those poos that make you feel like you can jump up and take over the world, the kind that is so satisfying you are like a new person afterward?

Our feelings are tuned to our Poo.

Or, have you ever had a hard Poo? One of those poos that you strain to eliminate, and wacks the water with such a splash you get a toilet water butt bath? Are you tired afterward? Is it nap time?

Our feelings are tuned to our Poo.

Why are our feelings tuned to our Poo? Why do we care?

Our Poo is our natural barometer. It is telling us about our health. Our poo tells us how things are going for us and provides us with a daily checkpoint.

Our Poo Health Reflects Our True Health




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