What is a Peerless Poo?

Feb 29th, 2016

Poo is made up of more than the food you ate in the last day or so, it contains food waste, water, bile, enzymes, blood, mucous, cells and sometimes even bugs or parasites. Should you cease eating you will continue to poo,( provided the water is still coming in) because we literally poo ourselves away. The assessment of a poo must include, its texture, and ease of elimination.

When you sit on the toilet and have a bowel movement, you have the ability to see first hand how you have been making your body. If you feel good about your poo, you will feel satisfied and proud of yourself when you get off the toilet. You will leave the bathroom with a sense of “ahhh that was good”, a sigh of relief and a smile on your face. In addition to the emotional satisfaction you get, you will also notice that your poo looks peerless in the bowl. It isn’t watery, hard or lumpy, and it doesn’t look like rabbit pellets or a bowl of nuts. It resembles a nicely formed sausage and appears firm and well made.

 A peerless poo has some oomph to it. Have you ever seen a toddler poop? They put out poops the size of an uncut deli kolbassa. It also comes to a point where you pinched off, and will not leave you with a mess that you have to wipe up with 56 sheets of toilet paper. 



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